So I have a blog

An actual blog. That I have to keep up with weekly starting in October. Gais….I don’t know what to do, how to do this. “Ewww, a blog?”download All because of a little monster called Senior Project. It’s part of my school’s charter. Every senior MUST participate in and complete a Senior Project. They must maintain an 80 or above in order to graduate. This means doing paperwork. A lot of paperwork. *hiss*

My project is to train an untrained horse (Western discipline, of which I know next to nothing) well-enough to have the potential to be sold. Well, originally, at least. It was approved by the project committee, on the two following conditions: One, that I get written parental consent for my project, as I can get killed if anything goes from mouldy to sour. Two, that I write a blog to keep up with my progress. You know, technically, I’d only have to write two or three entries. Or even just one. They never said how many entries the blog has to be. But I am also going to be graded on this, as this is technically my  final product. Gr. So I may as well update it every week. Or every other week. Meh, who knows?

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