Fourth Week….I think

….and I need to find out which horse I will be training, ASAP. I just had a thought. Maybe I don’t even have to be blogging yet. After all, I haven’t started training yet, so there isn’t much, if anything, to write about. I got the iphone 4s today. I feel like I am a kid trying to pick her way across a fast flowing river, ever on the verge of slipping on the slick stone and whacking her head on the bottom. Seriously. That’s what an iphone feels like. At least to someone who has never had one before, let alone a phone with a touch-screen. Gosh, imagining the kid slipping on the rock is giving me a headache. That actually happened to me when I was seven or eight. I remember where the river is. I love that river. Anyways. I really don’t have anything project-related to WAIT. Here’s something project-related: My flashdrive decided to go to Hell and came back being a fully converted Satanist. It crashed on me, and I nearly lost all of my important project documents. Dad to the rescue!

He said something about. Wait, no. It was my English 4 teacher. She was talking about irony. How it is ironic that people make anti-technology websites. I kind of feel like one of those people, making a comparison between a cracked skull and an iphone. Or maybe I am just crazy. I am definitely crazy. This whole senior-project-or-no-graduation-from-high-school deal is going to drive me over the edge, under it, and over onto the other side.

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