I found my horse!

She is about 14.1 hands, maybe taller. Buckskin, sweet disposition. I am so excited to be working with her!

I took her out of the pasture today to walk her around and get to know her a little better. She shies at everything, and does not quite get the concept of “follow the leader”. Turns out, she has been halter trained (meaning she doesn’t freak out whenever you put a halter on her), but like I said, she is bad at being led. Not horrible, but just lacks a lot of general trust, which is to be expected. She also has been ridden a TEENY bit before. She was the horse that threw my mentor, Sherwin, and gave him an aneurysm in his brain. Mary, my horse Winchester’s previous owner, rode her a little bit too. This only went on for about a month over the summer. Everyone stopped messing with her in any way after Sherwin’s accident. So she has been out in a pasture for the past two months or so. No exercise, nothing. She is such a pasture puff. A wormy, adorable pasture puff. I think she is about four years old. Her name is Chic. 🙂 Gosh, I am in love with her already. Her having been ridden a little bit does not affect the premise of my project. She is still unbroke (she had VERY little training, and has a throwing problem), and lacks the muscle and conditioning needed for her to even be considered as a buy-able horse. Her previous training does make it easier, time-wise. I’ll have more time to focus on the initial training rather than spending two months just introducing her to everything. She picks up her feet, which is nice. But when she is tied, she fidgets a lot and can’t stand still. She doesn’t get the concept of “Get the hell outta my space”, so I have to use pressure (pressing on her sides) to get her to move over and not crush me. She is “nervous”. I use quotes because I don’t want to officially call her nervous yet. After all, she’s still a youngster, and basically untrained. She doesn’t know how to handle new things. She handles fear pretty well, though. Either that or she is already starting to trust me. SO. I got an iPhone yesterday. Which means I can now take pictures and videos of my progress!

She has the sweetest face!Image







We like our yellow gloves.Image







My baby being weird. He’s a 16hh Bay Overo. 🙂 We jump!








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