So Chica is underweight. In asking for advice about how she should be fed, I discovered a nasty little power struggle at Latigo. Short story shorter, I basically need to ask Sherwin if what I am feeding her is okay. Mike, a man who helps out, gave me advice that I am very grateful for: One scoop of beet pulp, a quarter scoop of a potent additive, and a wheelbarrow-full of hay.

Basically, Chica is, as of now, so thin that it would be detrimental to her health if I were to work her. I need to get her weight up before I should do anything other thank grooming, leading, and desensitizing. I round penned her last week and she did pretty well, considering how jittery she is. But she did better than I thought she would. She listened to me and tried super hard to do what I asked. The horse has a lot of heart.

I really need to be more consistent with these entries. Artificial sit fiwjdiftndjrkirkg TiVo autocorrect. Lol.

We did the crossties before round penning. She didn’t like them. Something to work on.

She also really needs to be dewormed and have her feet done, and her teeth checked. First and foremost, she must be dewormed. This will help her majorly gain the weight she needs and will improve her overall health. She’ll be more of a handful, sure, but I can handle it. 🙂 We already ordered the wormer pellets. Strongid C 2X is what Mike recommended. I went online and read some reviews and I feel like it is the best choice for both Chica and Winchester, my gelding who also is due for a worming.

Speaking of Winny, he wasn’t getting fed as much as he should have been, which makes me pretty angry. So now I am starting to come to the farm every night to feed Chica and Winny. Yes, I do ride him often, at least four times a week, but there is no way he would be this thin if he was being fed the proper amount. 😡 So I am in charge of feeding him now. I guess I should be anyway, since he is my horse, but I like to think I can count on someone to make sure he is getting his grain. He is in the pasture 24/7 except on show nights, so he has plenty of great grass, and he does need to be wormed, so that will help. I guess I am adjusting to the responsibility of taking care of two horses now. Oh, and I put the additive I. Winchester’s feed, too. I think it will really help him. I’m only using it until he gets back up to a healthy weight. With Chica, I’ll have to ask Sherwin for how long I should keep her on it. I really hope he will be okay with me taking charge of her feed. Another detail, Mike offered to feed her in the mornings, and I took him up on that. It is a major help. Anyways, I am nervous since I didn’t ask Sherwin first, before I went and bought the additive and started changing her diet from grass to hay and beet pulp and additive. Yikes, I am really freaked out. I have a lesson this Tuesday, so I’ll ask him then.





The stripes on her butt are from the carrot stick I was using. It was really set and muddy in the pen. I don’t beat my horses, I promise. The rope part just got really heavy from the mud so it left some gunk on her when it touched her.

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