I feel so accomplished. I had the farrier check Chica’s feet, he said they were too small to trim down, and that they really were fine. The wormer came yesterday, so both horses have had two doses so far. I noticed that Chica has been putting on some weight, so I round-penned her tonight. I had her canter a few strides going each direction, and OH MY GOSH her canter is beautiful! She would make a fabulous pleasure horse. I threw my leg over her side (I was standing on the mounting block) for a few minutes, just to get her used to something weird like that. She was uncomfortable, but she didn’t toss her head or pin her ears. I also placed my hands on her back and withers and hopped as if I was going to mount bareback. She took a few steps and threatened to nip a few times, but other than that, she was fine and didn’t really care. Chica reacted much better than Winchester did when I did that to him later on in the night, and he is pretty broke.

I tried to trim her bridle path but she freaked and then the clippers shut off for some reason. T_T So I had to get the scissors, which she also didn’t like. I combed out her mane, cut it and pulled it, and tomorrow night I’ll start applying MTG so that her mane will grow out evenly. Her tail is pretty good, but it could be thicker and a bit longer, so I’ll use MTG there, too.

I really need to give her a bath. That will be interesting. Her pasterns are covered in rain rot and scabs that flies love, so I’ll have a lot of scrubbing to do. Listerine should help.

A few days ago, I tested her to see if she would spook at a…..thing. No idea what to call it. This is what happened:

Video is being stupid. I’ll update it later. Got it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YPZKKjGKX8&feature=youtu.be

Here are some pictures! 😀

One scoop of beet pulpIMG_0480

Quarter scoop of additiveIMG_0479

Soak in a bucketIMG_0481

Feed to hungry horse!IMG_0540IMG_0576

She is so affectionateIMG_0573IMG_0574

This is the wormer I useIMG_0459

Making a weird faceIMG_0559

My horse is not a colouring book. T_T IMG_0648

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