Late post again! AAARAHREAG

But I have good news. I rode Chica five times so far! She is an angel! Well, compared to how she has been for other people, at least. She hasn’t offered to buck or rear, although she still doesn’t like to stand still under saddle, but she is young and full of energy. She tries so hard for me and it feels like she really enjoys having a job to do.

As for why this post is late, I was competing in my first BRHJA show this weekend! I got my ass kicked, lol. But it was a terrific learning experience, and I am pumped for next year’s show season! Winchester got to many compliments. 🙂

Back to Chica, she isn’t gaining weight as quickly as I would like her to, but it could just be my imagination. Now that she isn’t so dramatically thin, it will be harder to tell when she is gaining the weight. More surface area, I guess. She has these little dapples on her coat….so precious! I can’t wait until she sheds out this spring! I have a feeling that she is going to make a fabulous English Pleasure horse. I’m wondering how well she can jump, but she doesn’t have the kind of fearlessness that I would look for in a hunter/jumper. She is fairly confident, but a little clueless over single ground poles. Doesn’t know what to do with her little hooves. However, just because she is not naturally adept doesn’t mean she can’t be over time. I just don’t think it’s her thing, so I won’t push her towards that. English Pleasure, however, I think she would do very well in. Possibly dressage, but we’ll see. For now, I just need to get in quality saddle time with her. I want to take her on a trail tomorrow, to see how she’d do in a new place. One thing I have noticed is that she is kind of bossy. And she is leggy, but that is partly from her age and weight. Her sire is leggy, that is for sure. I thought he was a TB, but nope! He is a good ol’ Quarter Horse!

This all is so off topic. My writing is all over the place. I started her in a Western saddle but decided I’d rather do English with her. Bleh. I am so tired from the show. I have only been home for about an hour and a half.

But yeah. This has been a good, incredibly busy week. *collapses*

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