Muahaha! This post will NOT be late!

I am seeing so much improvement in Chica already, in less than a month. She is gaining weight well, a little slower than I expected, but gaining and maintaining nonetheless. I have ridden her seven times total, and one time in November so far. One of my project goals for this month is to have ridden Chic ten times. One ride down, nine to go! This most recent ride wasn’t for very long, because it was dark and I still had Winchester (who is now fat again, UGH) to ride. But she got adequate exercise, which is progress, and I was able to ride her in more consistent circles. After I rode her, I took off the saddle (Sherwin’s Western) and used it for Winchester, since I was too lazy to pull out my English tack for him. I sealed up any gaps in the arena fence, and while I rode Winchester, I let Chic loose, instead of forcing her to stand still while we worked. She still gets antsy when tied, but last night, I had her standing pretty much perfectly still as I talked to Maria, a friend of me. A surrogate horse-mother, of sorts. 🙂 Chic is improving monumentally since when I first started working with her. I feel proud of myself for creating a bond with a virtually rogue horse in less than a month. Of course, I can’t feel too proud, since there are many people who could tear my training techniques apart. 😉 Only because I am learning, though. Besides, it is never a good thing to get cocky, especially so early in the game.

Chic is, by far, the most affectionate and curious horse I have encountered so far. She gets into everything! Randy, my farrier, was at Latigo yesterday, and I had him check out her feet. Still not enough to work with yet. He said that the most important thing to worry about is working her. I agree.

Tonight, I round penned her. We are working on relaxing her trot and canter, the trot more so, since I don’t want to overwork her. I have pictures, too! She looks SO much better than she did at first!

Gah. Too many pictures for the computer to handle right now. I’ll update it when I can.

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