Late, again again

Good grief, I need to get better at this. And I think it is official, I hate blogging.

Chica is doing okay. I am feeling a bit discouraged though, like I don’t have enough time. It’s difficult to divide my time between two horses. What I need to do is alternate: Focus on Winchester one night, focus on Chica the next.

As for why I said okay, it is because I have not been able to spend much time riding her lately, thanks to homework and having had family over for Thanksgiving. I rode once out of five or six days during break, and it was awesome. I really needed a breather, something else to focus on.

I am not sure if I mentioned this, but I took Chica on a trail ride. Or I tried to. It was more of a holy-crap-there-is-a-tree-here-and-a-garbage-can-there-and-oh-lookie-there-it’s-a-big-scary-pond-with-chairs-and-a-fire-pit-and-I-am-terrified-and-not-going-anywhere-ride. To put it simply, the ride didn’t go as expected. We got maybe three quarters of the way to the actual trail entrance, and by then, we had been dancing around for almost forty five minutes. It was growing darker outside, so I had to call it quits. I concluded that she needs more desensitizing to scary object before she will go anywhere near something new on a trail ride. To be fair, though, it was her first one ever, and perhaps I was expecting too much of her.

I think I will have to add more additive to her diet, or place her in a stall during the night, or both. I feel like she was gaining weight perfectly well until it started getting colder, and now she has hit a stasis that isn’t where she should be. I do not have a blanket or sheet available to me that actually fits her. One is too small, all of the others are too big. I will have to measure her and purchase one soon in order to keep the chills at bay, because I have a feeling it will snow this winter. (Of course, it is sixty-nine degrees outside while I type this, so I could be wrong.) At the least, she needs a rain sheet.

*sigh* *grumble* This is a lot more grueling than I thought it would be. I need a Christmas break. Badly. I am also tempted to use one of my Senior Project Days this semester, but I would rather save those for later in the school year.

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