I rode her again, twice

And she is doing beautifully. The second, most recent time I rode her (as of last week), I decided to try my new Wintec 500 CC. It fit her so well and my balance was so much better than in the Collegiate! She is developing a very smooth, soft trot, and her canter is starting to come along, too. She is a bit weaker to the right than to the left. Or maybe it was the other way around. I don’t remember. Either way, we have been making a LOT of progress!

And I have pictures!

IMG_6009[1] IMG_6010[1] IMG_6011[1]

She had a scratch. I applied some wound spray and Wonder Dust, just to protect from an infection.  IMG_6018[1]IMG_5791[1]IMG_5805[1]IMG_5798[1]IMG_5897[1]IMG_5942[1]

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