I guess I should say why

I only rode her a few times last week. Well, Sherwin recently locked up all of his tack in a different tack room. I suspect that people had been messing with his things. As a result of that, however, the bridle and bit I had been riding her in were under lock and key. I asked Robin, the barn manager, to bring it to my tack room for me, but it took her a few days because she was busy.

In the meantime, I tried using Chic’s old headstall that I bought for her, but I stupidly bought a cob instead of a horse-sized. (A cob is a type of horse, slightly bigger and stockier than a pony.) I did this because her head was so small, particularly her jowl. Alas, her jowl has grown to where her old bridle no longer fits. Also, the bit I found (a D-ring snaffle) seemed to hit her palate and cause her a lot of discomfort. (The palate of a horse is like the roof of your mouth. Some horses have low palates, which requires different, softer bits in order to not hit the palate. Sherwin said that he thinks Chic has a low palate. This is not a problem, as I am able to ride her safely and comfortably in a French link snaffle.) So, I decided it would be better to wait to get the correct bridle/bit than try to ride her in a different headstall and the wrong kind of bit. I round-penned her instead, and as usual, she did very well. 🙂 She was responsive to me and respectful of my aids.


Also, I ought to mention how her ears are. Rather, how she is FINALLY starting to get used to me messing with her ears. I am going to try to shave her face today. (She has a beard.) That should be interesting. I haven’t desensitized her to clippers in a while, so hopefully today won’t be too big of a disaster. As for why she is getting used to me messing around with her ears, it is because I take every opportunity to pet them and move them around. I do this mostly when I tack her up and feed her. Sometimes I do this in the round-pen, too.


*Sigh* This is due in two weeks. We just went over the product rubric in class. I really hope I do well.





D-ring snaffle:

French-link snaffle:


Cob type horse:



(All images (c) Google Images)


Something unrelated but important for Winny’s mane: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZ3KR-G6gIY

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