So I would have had a lesson today, but I spent all night working on an English project that was due today. I finished the project, but I didn’t get a wink of sleep, nor did I have time to go feed last night. And Monday I didn’t have time either because I was working on the project. Sunday night, I don’t remember what happened. Oh, yeah, it was Chic’s break day, so I decided to take Winny out on a trail, which was fun.


I got a truck today. Drove it to the farm, no problem. Fed the horses, started driving back. Flat tire. Turns out that in order to get to the spare, you have to have a special piece attached to a bar to lower it down from underneath the truck. We don’t have it. It’s a used truck. We are having it towed to the shop (the ball joints needed maintenance anyway) right now. Well, my dad and sister are. I was there for an hour and a half, helping my dad try to solve this conundrum. My mom came with my sister so that she could take my place and my mom could drive me home.


I was having an okay week, you know? I could have ridden today. I wanted to, but my mom canceled my lesson because she insisted that I sleep instead. Secretly, I am glad she told me that all I could do was feed tonight. I am exhausted.


But yeah, about Chic. Sherwin decided to cut me a deal. If I market her right now, and try to sell her, I get 20% of the profit. Pretty sweet deal, and it should cover the feed expense. I’ll advertise her for $3000 firm. I just need to get conformation shots of her and footage of her being ridden, trailered, and whatever else. This is actually pretty exciting for me, because it means that my project is a success. I was able to train Chic to have the potential to be sold.


So, without further ado, Chic is now for sale. I just have to write up a contract and advertise her. And shave her stupid beard….

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