This blog is due this week….

….and I feel like I have to explain myself for not having done enough with Chic. Or at least, I feel like I have not accomplished enough for her. Sure, Sherwin told me to market her for sale and that I get 20% (which is awesome). Sure, I have her riding pretty smoothly now. And sure, she has a lot more respect for me and we have a strong bond formed. (Speaking of strong bonds, she came galloping up to me two nights ago. I called her name, and as soon as she heard it was me, she came running towards me. I could have melted, it was so cool to witness.) However, I still have not desensitised her to the clippers, which is kind of a basic skill as well as a deal-or-no-deal selling point. The same with trailering. I loaded her into the trailer twice on Saturday (which I have footage of thanks to my wonderful boyfriend!), and she did not have a problem going in, which was impressive because there wasn’t a ramp and it is a big metal stock trailer. She stepped up fine, but backing up was difficult for her. She does not know how to support herself without her knees almost giving out on her. I know that her knees are fine, it’s not a physical problem. She just doesn’t know how yet, she is still a baby. (Arg, and I need to get her registered if she is not already.)

All of that to say: I wish I had accomplished more. But, I don’t think I could have. I had a good three to four months where she was too thin for me to do anything intense with her. I now wish that I focused more on basic training, like clipping and trailering, rather than lunging and riding. Honestly, the latter has been easier than the former. I know how to lunge, I know how to ride. And teaching her those things are easier for me than teaching her how to not be afraid of a pair of clippers or of backing out of a trailer. If I could go back, I would do the basics first and then focus on riding her. Then again, I probably would not have had as much success with her under saddle if I waited for three/four months, so I suppose that this is a blessing in disguise.

Still, I wish I had done more. I don’t know if I could have, and technically my project is a success because I am selling her. But now I have to finish training her, regardless of Senior Project, otherwise I cannot sell her for very much. (I get 20%, remember? Selling her for a lot is important. 😉 ) So, I may be done with her for the project, but not for training her to be well-enough trained to be sold for a fancy price. Could I sell her now? Sure, of course. But do I want to, especially at a low price? Ha ha, no. And I want her to be kind of expensive, to weed out any buyers who might not provide the best home for her. More money to buy the horse typically means that the owners can afford better care for said horse.

My Chic is going to get the best home possible. That is a promise, to her and for my own peace of mind. I love this little horse and I will not have her abused, neglected, ridden poorly, or treated poorly.

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